by The Noras

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released June 10, 2013

the lovely jamie schaefer. thanks to all of those people and ideas that the noras are based around. thanks to our bearded bud eric, our guide in the stars and cosmos themselves. thanks to stephen FUCKING WALLACE. we love jacob sadowski. nipply. ryan pyle at the monster house.
and fuck you,
michael gurganus.



all rights reserved


The Noras Huntingtown, Maryland

Matt Carson Alec Dylan

we will probably play if you ask:
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Track Name: Ostensibly Outrageous
My dreams do scare me. But I won't run away. Theres no better place. And these daylight delusions creep closer and closer every time I let my mind stray. And its strange, cuz I remember everything. Not a day goes by where I don't remember everything. Everything.
Track Name: Lysergic Lobotomy
Chemicals invade my brain a saturate my broken brain. I feel diamonds in my nail beds and I hear them in my vision. Platinum silver and gold dust leave my body conscious for rigamortus. Nothing compares to this feeling of hurt. Senses bleed together leaving a collective impairment behind. Smile, the end is over. No more overwhelming thoughts, everything is a broken chord spinal fluid is filling me up. I'm glad i'm dead.
Track Name: Calendars and Converse
So clear your head, and hold a steady hand. Oceans burst forth. Consciousness recedes. The lightbulb is reflected in the inky wavering. Splashing and screaming, sedated surrender. I've seen your dreams in your words, so vividly. In sleep paralysis, choking on nothing. Green eyes dilate to black uncontrollably. From the subconscious mind derived of nothing. The mirror's waves carry us away. The first incision has been made.
Track Name: Jake's Jam
My gravity becomes distorted. My nervous system feeds this body's collapse as my face melts down my back. And I suddenly can't feel feel fucking anything at all.

I love jacob Sadowski.
Jacob Sadowski loves us.
Fuck you, Michael Gurganus.

Heart throb pulses pound.
With no one around to care, What would be the point to carry on. The room's walls drip, tearing me apart. x2
Track Name: Interlude Illustrious
Track Name: Atmospheric Anomalies
You can take all the fun out of it if you want to. All i know is I don't want to breathe around you or sleep next to you. You've robbed me of so many hours. So many dreamless nights.

Apologies won't explain or convey who you are to me. No longer can i breathe without you by my side, or think about you. Now all I'm left with is empty hours and dreamless nights.

Can't believe I was ever with you. What a waste of time. Love undefined. Uncomfortable, and lonely with you around. With every kiss my heart it didn't pound.