garden coolness

by The Noras

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released September 26, 2012



all rights reserved


The Noras Huntingtown, Maryland

Matt Carson Alec Dylan

we will probably play if you ask:
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Track Name: beef wellington
Running and hiding a loathing for years, brought to perspective rehashing my fears. Diseased and distrusted denounced I will stand. Of violent destruction I do all I can.
Track Name: candy lyons
Like fragments of our memories, they decay. Like ash off my cigarette, they slip away and wonder off. Never will they stimulate my mind again. All they leave is this cancerous taste on my tongue, blackening my confined heart and my lungs. I wish i was back there at your hospital bed. Cause all of these cumbersome thoughts officiate my head. If medicines all you actually need. You've got to stay with me baby. I hope that you'll see. Never will they nauseate my mind again. Our memories fall to fragments. It's all done in and its all in sin.
Track Name: hanna's silhouette
We will sing you this lullaby until you fall asleep or tears melt my eyes. I can't stand long goodbyes. I see feathers turn to dust in front of me, although seeming to fade. Like detailed lines of your silhouette traceable but hard to forget.
Track Name: lullabye
Unsurpassed serenity lingering. An eternity of nothing and never knowing what could have been and never can. Don't close your eyes yet. How can promises become void? And what does it take to care anymore? How can i explain to you that sleep is only temporary dark escape filled with warmth and shallow breaths.. a swirling blanket of darkness. Does nothing I say matter? Are you even listening? I'm out of breath anyway. Take these sleeping pills again. Let the absent times take over. Uncomprehendable in unconsciousness. Hoping for you to maintain a steady breath. It seems from this hollow emotional wreck, I haven't felt any "God" yet. Raised to far bind and not in choice, why would I ever ask for this? But in this meaningless, I'm granted the liberty to construct my own self purpose. Take these sleeping pills again. Let the absent times take over. If all you wanted was to sleep, take me with you. Or, let me bring it to you.